Most Popular Interior Design Styles in Israel

If you live in Israel, for sure you know one thing. The design of your home depends on the place you live in. If you live in the far north, you will see the influence of the Arabic design style. If you live near the sea, you will see the modern design. If you go to Jerusalem, you will see tradition. If you go south, you will get a feeling of the desert.

The question is which design style you like and how you can fit it into your house.

The most popular architecture style at the moment is the Modern style with various shapes. Also, seems that the “Green movement” is influencing architects and designers all over Israel. Houses are built with solar panels for energy saving.

Another thing is the light. Most houses nowadays are combined concrete and glass. That way, the house looks stylish, with a lot of natural light inside. If you have a smaller space, natural light can visually expand it. Perfect design solution!

Inside the house dominating color for the new designers is black. Black is an ideal color because it can be combined with any other color and give the space feeling of modern and futurist. If you have white walls, which is the case in most houses, black furniture or wooden elements can give your house uniqueness.

If, however, you choose some older house or apartment, you will notice more traditional elements, such as stone walls and marble floors. There you can add some warm wood colors, and give your house the true feeling of a home.

When choosing furniture, designers are mostly focused on practicality. How to use the available space to the maximum. Seems that 2021 is the year of nature and recycled materials. All the colors are vintage-inspired.

When choosing the interior design style, you need to look around you. How is your house structured? Materials used to build it? Then you can choose colors and add-ons that will give you desired look. If you are not sure how to do it yourself, Israel has many designers to offer.