Middle East Design Culture

There are many specific things about Israel – from the language to design. For example, did you know that Tel Aviv is the only city in the world with a city center built completely in functionalist style? Or that in Jerusalem you have a law that you need to build your home in a specific interior design , so the city will not lose its ancient charm? When it comes to architecture, Israel is a combination of uncombined – Byzantine, Islamic, Arab, modern Bauhaus, Brutalist architecture. 

Not only outside, but inside Israeli homes, you can find many different cultures mixed. Israelis’ love mixes of old and new. The mix of wood and steel. Of modern and industrial. 

As they like their food mixed, Israelis love their kitchen mixed with styles. When you compare design in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, it’s like looking at two different worlds. In Jerusalem, the most popular style for the kitchen is warm wood furniture and stone walls. Architectures in Jerusalem are focusing the most on showing the history in the light of the fresh design.

On the other hand, in Tel Aviv, probably because it has way less history, you can see classic walls and a lot of steel. Everything looks modern and shines. Architectures in Tel Aviv have the task to make the home looking like it’s part of the future, not the past.

It is very similar with the rest of the house. What we can notice, in Israeli houses marble floors are dominating. Unlike European houses where floors are mostly wooden, Israel kept Middle East culture. 

Another thing – in Jerusalem houses are dominating, and a family can have separate living space from the bedroom. This gives architectures more space for design. In Tel Aviv are mostly buildings, so people are living in the apartments. This is why designers in Tel Aviv need to choose practicality over comfort.

Choosing the design for your home in Israel is not an easy thing. There are so many options. So many cultures. And so many architects. Choose the design that will give you the feeling of home!